Privacy Policy

Software privacy policy

Developers respect and protect the privacy of all users who use the service. In order to provide you with accurate and personalized services, developers will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. But developers will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, Developer will not disclose or provide such information to third parties without your prior permission.

Personal Data Security: We are committed to protecting your personal data. The software uses AES 256-bit encryption security technology to help protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Developers will not provide, sell, rent, or share your personal information and data to any unrelated third parties without your consent. Please keep your password information safe and the software will ensure that your information is not abused by security measures such as encrypting your password. Although there are security measures, please also note that there is no “perfect security measures” on the information network.

Location for storing and processing personal data: Secret photos access your photo library and local storage or SD card devices, where the data is stored.

Information Disclosure: In the following circumstances, the developer will disclose your personal information in part or in whole according to your personal wishes or the law:

1) Disclose to third parties with your prior consent.

2) In order to provide the products and services you request, you must share your personal information with third parties.

3) Disclosure to third parties or the judiciary in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of the judiciary.

4) If you violate local laws or developer service agreements or related rules, you need to disclose it to a third party.

Changes to this privacy statement: We will update this privacy statement as necessary to reflect customer feedback and changes in the product. I hope that you periodically review this privacy statement to stay informed about how to protect your personal information. By agreeing to the Developer Services Use Agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire contents of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Developer Service Use Agreement.

Software Update: Software updates are provided from time to time to improve the user experience (these updates may take the form of software replacement, modification, feature enhancement, version upgrade, etc.)

How to contact us: If you have technical questions or support questions, please contact